Sunday, July 28, 2013

A Simself's Adventure - Downton Abbey (Intro)

One show that I really enjoy watching from time to time is Downton Abbey. The characters are so powerful that you quickly learn who you love and who you hate :-)  I thought it would be fun to use my sims to enjoy a little Downton Abbey myself :-)
 This is my simself as the woman of the house, of course! And this is my husband's simself playing as my husband, of course :-P
 This is my husband with our eldest daughter in the game Logan and Logan's boyfriend Chace.
 These are our other two daughters in the game. Harmony is actually Logan's twin (long story) and we have our newest daughter Paula who is still a teen.
  This is our estate. Greenwood Manor it is called for some reason.
 I chose to keep the girls' nanny Miss Pleasant around, as she helps to keep the many servants we have in line.
 Though we do not actually live in the Downton Abbey, my best friend does.
 I'm kinda jealous of that, if you can't tell from my tone. She's still my girl though. I'll forgive her :-P
 Though we are living in rich historic homes we are actually in present times.We reside in Riverview and along with 3 other families we try and hold tight to the old ways of living to keep our culture and way of living alive. 
 The children however are having a hard time living in present day for school and work but keeping up with our high society culture while at home. Will this last or will present day come flooding into the homes of Downton Abbey...
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To be continued...

Daddy's Little Rich Girl - Alien Abduction (Part 4)

Tatiana Grace is daddy's little rich girl. After her unfortunate burglar experience she decided to get a dog for security. Tatiana and Jake were becoming fast friends!
Jake the husky really seemed comfortable and relaxed whenever Tatiana would paint. His previous owner Leo was also a painter and this gave Jake a sense of familiarity. 
One night though, Tatiana went outside when she should have stayed in the house safe.
She had heard a weird sound outside and went to investigate.
She was shocked when she realized that it was an alien spaceship!
I would swear this alien was actually smiling at the terror that Tatiana was experiencing.

Tatiana was only gone for a few minutes, earth time anyway.
When she returned she had an odd feeling that she had been probed!
Before she could ask any questions the alien had run away!

Poor Tatiana couldn't sleep a wink that night and was ready to fall asleep standing up by the time the sun came up.
Tatiana was so nervous about the abduction that she almost called her father.
After having a strong cup of tea she decided to take control and not go crying to daddy.
Tatiana was not too sure about what she had decided but she knew she wasn't gonna shake this vulnerable feeling if she didn't do something quick!
Finally she got the courage to make the call...
"Hi, Leo!"
"Hmm, its an answering machine."
Tatiana began to leave her message when suddenly Leo picked up the phone.
Leo: "Oh hi Tatiana! Sorry I didn't pick up. I've been screening my calls. Bill collects keep calling like I'm the only person on earth to try and reach." 
Tatiana: "Oh, no problem Leo. I understand. Hey, I have a proposition for you. Maybe we can help each other out..."
Tatiana didn't mention the alien abduction. She didn't want Leo to think she was crazy. Instead she simply used Jake as the excuse. 
It wasn't completely untrue. Jake really did miss his previous owner.
"Guess what Jake! Leo's coming to live with us!"
That's right folks! Tatiana now has a roommate!
Tatiana wasn't gonna go home crying to daddy just yet! She did however feel that having a roommate AND a dog might make her just a little safer :-P
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To be continued...

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Daddy's Little Rich Girl - A New Dog (Part3)

Tatiana Grace was daddy's little rich girl. She was living in the warehouse district of downtown Bridgeport in what use to be an abandoned warehouse. It now was a large loft with plenty of room for her to store her artwork and work on her ballet skills. Unfortunately, living in such a rough part of town means you are subjected to break-ins and higher crime rates. Being a girl who's never had to deal with crime, growing up in high society, Tatiana was shocked when her loft got broken into. The police arrived quickly and the criminal was arrested and taken to jail. Tatiana is completely unaware that her father has paid for an off duty officer to do extra patrols passed her loft for added security. This is being kept a secret because Tatiana told her father that she wanted to prove that she could live on her own. If Tatiana found out, she would be furious with her father! Now let's continue with her story...
 Tatiana has decided to adopt a dog to guard her loft.
 She saw an ad in the paper for a beautiful husky and called to see if she could meet the dog and its owner.
 The owner was nice enough to agree to meet her at the park as soon as he was able.
 Tatiana decided to get some work done while she waited for the owner of the husky to call her back with a time to meet.
 It was wonderful to have all the natural light from the large windows in her art space.
 Tatiana got the call to meet at the Marina Park in downtown around 5 o'clock.
The owner was a young man named Leo. 
 As soon as Tatiana got to the park she recognized the husky from the photo in the paper and went to introduce herself.
 "Hello, I'm Tatiana. I believe I spoke with you on the phone about your dog."
 The man seemed very pleasant and greeted her with a smile. "My name is Leo and this is my dog Jake."
 Tatiana grew up in a house that wasn't allowed to have pets, especially a dog. No way her mother was going to have a dog ruin her rich furnishings. But Tatiana had read books about dogs and knew to let the dog sniff her as an introduction.
 Jake the husky seemed to be as pleasant a dog as his owner and Tatiana fell in love with him almost instantly. Jake the Husky that is :-)
 Leo decided to let the two get familiar with each other while he shot of few hoops at the basketball court.
 Well, it looks like Jake has really taken a liking to Tatiana. He's followed her into the ladies bathroom!
  Before long the nice day had turned into a rainy evening.
Tatiana wanted more time to learn about Jake and so she invited the two back to her loft for a visit.

As Leo entered the warehouse he was amazed by the size of the place.
 From the main floor you couldn't see the loft, only her dance area was visible. 
"Let's go upstairs and I'll fix us a cup of tea and you can tell me about Jake." 
 Though it was pouring rain outside Tatiana was happy that her skylights did not leak and the inside of her loft was warm and dry.
 Tatiana listened excitedly as Leo went from one story to the next about Jake. She could tell that he loved his dog very much and wondered why he was giving him away. "Can I ask why you are giving Jake up when you clearly love him so much?"
"I absolutely hate having to give him up. I've had him since he was 8 wks old. I'm giving him up for his own good. I'm a struggling artist and I just can't afford to keep him anymore. I wish there was a way for us to stay together, but I'm not gonna make my best friend suffer just because I have to," said Leo sadly as he drank his cup of tea.
Leo explained that he's a painter and a writer but that he hadn't sold a painting in months. He was a few months behind on his rent and was getting eviction notices.
Leo noticed that Tatiana was staring into her cup of tea with a sad face. "Don't have pity for me. I don't take pity from anyone! I got myself into this situation I can get myself out of it! All I need to do is sale a painting or two and I'll be back on top again. Just don't sit there feeling sorry for me. I can't stand that pity crap." Leo was very upset. Suddenly he got up and went to say goodbye to his dog Jake.
"Alright boy, we knew this day would come eventually," said Leo, trying to sound tough but you could see the sadness on his face.
Leo gave his dog Jake a hug and told him to be a good boy for Tatiana. "You be sure and protect her Jake. Be a good boy." It looks as if even Jake knew that he was being left behind because his best friend needed to sale more paintings.
 Jake growled in protest.
 He was not happy that Leo was leaving him.
Leo turned his back to leave and Jake started to whimper loudly as he watched his best friend walk out the door.
After Leo left Tatiana changed for bed and hopped online to order a few things for Jake. She felt really bad for Leo but she was very grateful to have such a good dog in the loft for protection. She paid extra to have the things she'd ordered sent to her overnight. Jake would have a bed, a food bowl and plenty of toys to keep him happy. 
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To be continued...