Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Daddy's Little Rich Girl - Bad Criminal (Part 2)

Tatiana Grace was daddy's little rich girl. She had finally gotten her own place in the city now by way of renovating an abandoned warehouse into the new loft. Yesterday she went out to see the new Business As Usual Bistro but today she thought she'd try an old place that had been updated. 
Before heading out to eat Tatiana first stops at the new Performing Arts Center downtown.
 Tatiana is able to practice all the arts here. She just finished her dance class and is now heading to her piano class.
 Tatiana was not the best pianist in the class. Not yet anyway.
 "I know I'm better than that girl over there in the corner, hmph."
After classes Tatiana showered and headed over to Le Cinema Plumbob.
 Downstairs was still a wonderful cinema that even offered food. However, if your sims really want to impress their dates they can now enjoy fine dining upstairs at the upscale restaurant. 
  This is no cheap place. Everything here from the Italian ceramic floor tiles to the Egyptian thread tablecloths was top of the line.
 The chef took Tatiana's order and headed back to the kitchen to make her order.

  Not sure why he is frowning here, maybe because he needs a raise :-P
 "Your order is served Madame."
 Like magic her meal appears in front of her.
 It may be expensive but Tatiana looks like she's willing to pay the price for good food. Besides, sushi is her favorite dish!
The next morning Tatiana woke to her alarm system going off.
 Lucky for Tatiana the police weren't far away when it happen and responded quickly.
 What Tatiana doesn't know is that her father pays for an extra off duty officer to do extra patrols passed her loft for her safety.
 From all the excitement Tatiana runs to the area that the alarm is sounding from. She has an alarm at every entry door because the loft is so large. You can never be too safe!
 Tatiana arrives soon enough to see the robber and the policeman on the ground fighting. She's scared out of her mind! This little rich girl has never seen a criminal in her life!
 The criminal was arrest and all of her belongings were return to her.
 After the policeman surveyed her home he advised her to get a roommate or at least a guard dog since she was living on the rough side of town.
 Tatiana was not so sure about getting a roommate. She liked having all this space to herself for her artwork, but the idea of a guard dog excited her! "Thank you for responding so quickly officer." "No problem ma'am. It's my job,"said the officer proudly. He didn't mention the extra cash he get's from her father :-P 
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To be continued...


  1. Ohhh I see it now. Its so tiny. LOL. Well, you know I loved it... Bravo... I want your cinema...hehehe. And YAY on the commentary that made it more fun to read. :-) I bookmarked your blogg :-)

    1. Aww, thank you. I will upload my cinema/bistro and add a link here on this page :-) Thanks for all the help.

  2. This is a great story. I'm interested to see what happens next!

    1. Thank you so much! I'm so happy that you like it :-)

  3. That was so exciting! I'm glad Tatiana didn't faint in this life although I'd be pretty freaked out too. Great job on the story :) On a side note, would you consider uploading your performing arts centre as well? I just loved both of those buildings and would be sooo happy to have them in my game. Pretty please with sprinkles :D