Sunday, September 8, 2013

The DeLeo Family - First Winter Day

The family experienced their first winter in Twinbrook, which I must say is very pretty.
Harmony:"Who cooked dinner?"
Dad:"Why, don't you like it?"
Harmony:"No, its very good."
Dad:"In that case. I made the dinner."

After dinner Harmony was so very happy to watch tv in her room. She is a couch potato and was super happy when her parents finally gave her a tv to watch. There's a tv in the guest room but she's not allowed in there. Harmony can't control herself from standing on chairs pretending to be queen.

"Hello Koi. Tell the boss that I am taking some vacation days off. I plan on spending the time mastering a new skill."

This is Juan's Pick N Pull. Its the smaller junkyard in town. There is a larger one further away from the house.

The reason I'm here at THIS junkyard is because there is a sculpting table here. Juan says its fine to use it until someone decides to buy it :-)

Snowball seems to have a lot of fun with her toy mouse.

She's even learning the hunting skill by playing chase with her toy mouse.

I decided that I didn't want my new outfit ruined learning to sculpt. Time to spend some simoleons  on an outfit to work in.

"I sure do love this outfit."

My excitable trait kicks in at the excitement of getting just the right look for my sculpting time :-)

"I might as well get a free massage before I go." hehe

One thing that's nice about this junkyard is its always empty.

It's nice to come here and just do my thing and not have to socialize with sims.

I'm not antisocial but as a star news reporter I talk to a lot of sims. Its nice to have time to myself.

The hubby came home from his International Super Spy job at his usual time.
Simself:"How ya doin' hot stuff. You are looking at a sculptor now!" 

I was merely bragging about reaching level one in sculpting. 

The twins knew once the hubby and I start with the mushy stuff it goes on forever. LOL

Harmony was super excited to see the first snowflakes falling from the sky.

Tomorrow would mark the first day of winter, but I guess the snow was going to come tonight!

Harmony clearly is very excited about the snowy weather coming :-)

The next day was the first winter day. The family headed down to the beach to do some ice skating!

It was pretty cool to see a friend of mine from the simming community show up.

Twinbrook clearly has some sims that are missing a few screws :-/

It really does look beautiful here in Twinbrook. I also see why we can't have boats here. All the water has frozen in town because the water is not as deep as an ocean.

Its really nice to see sims in their winter clothes!

Time to do some makeovers for some sims I see. :-/

Oh look! Its another friend from the simming community!  I guess she's not cold.  :-/

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