Sunday, July 28, 2013

A Simself's Adventure - Downton Abbey (Intro)

One show that I really enjoy watching from time to time is Downton Abbey. The characters are so powerful that you quickly learn who you love and who you hate :-)  I thought it would be fun to use my sims to enjoy a little Downton Abbey myself :-)
 This is my simself as the woman of the house, of course! And this is my husband's simself playing as my husband, of course :-P
 This is my husband with our eldest daughter in the game Logan and Logan's boyfriend Chace.
 These are our other two daughters in the game. Harmony is actually Logan's twin (long story) and we have our newest daughter Paula who is still a teen.
  This is our estate. Greenwood Manor it is called for some reason.
 I chose to keep the girls' nanny Miss Pleasant around, as she helps to keep the many servants we have in line.
 Though we do not actually live in the Downton Abbey, my best friend does.
 I'm kinda jealous of that, if you can't tell from my tone. She's still my girl though. I'll forgive her :-P
 Though we are living in rich historic homes we are actually in present times.We reside in Riverview and along with 3 other families we try and hold tight to the old ways of living to keep our culture and way of living alive. 
 The children however are having a hard time living in present day for school and work but keeping up with our high society culture while at home. Will this last or will present day come flooding into the homes of Downton Abbey...
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To be continued...


  1. Great intro. Love how VAY curtseyed. LOL! I will enjoy following this story, to see if present stomps of the past. :-)

    1. This one will be fun to do because I have my real simming friends in THIS one! Thanks for posting. Hope I keep you entertained :-D