Saturday, April 20, 2013

Logan's Wedding Day

I thought it would never happen...It's her wedding day! (Pic Spam)

Logan In The Future

So sorry that I never stay with one story. If you get excited like I do, then you understand why I flip flop between stories. A new lot, a new town, a new set on the sims 3 store is all it takes!  Let's go folks! Time for a new set of stories :-)

Well, like the title says, this is Logan's future...(one of them) (wink)

Here is Logan with her future husband

They live in Monte Vista

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Logan's Way

First Entry

This is Logan. She's about 7 years old in this picture. She is very special to me because she was born in the game more than 3 years ago when The Sims 3 first released. She is the child of my simself (Cyberqueen13) and my real-life husband's simself. In real-life we lost our child when I was 3 months pregnant. If it was a girl I was gonna name her Logan. Now you see why she is so important!

That's me in the background. I use to wear my hair really short because it was easy to manage, or so I thought. The little girl going up the stairs with me is Logan's twin. Oh yeah, TS3 loves to throw curve balls in the game. You see, Logan was born with a perfect mix of my simself and my husband's simself. She looked like me and she even got my husband's green eyes. Beautiful child. Then there was the twin the game surprised us with. This game loves to surprise you. Her name is Harmony and she looks like her father but got my brown eyes. As for her traits, well, I'll let Logan handle the rest of this story!  Hey guys, the story is called "Logan's Way" for a reason.