Saturday, April 6, 2013

Logan's Way

First Entry

This is Logan. She's about 7 years old in this picture. She is very special to me because she was born in the game more than 3 years ago when The Sims 3 first released. She is the child of my simself (Cyberqueen13) and my real-life husband's simself. In real-life we lost our child when I was 3 months pregnant. If it was a girl I was gonna name her Logan. Now you see why she is so important!

That's me in the background. I use to wear my hair really short because it was easy to manage, or so I thought. The little girl going up the stairs with me is Logan's twin. Oh yeah, TS3 loves to throw curve balls in the game. You see, Logan was born with a perfect mix of my simself and my husband's simself. She looked like me and she even got my husband's green eyes. Beautiful child. Then there was the twin the game surprised us with. This game loves to surprise you. Her name is Harmony and she looks like her father but got my brown eyes. As for her traits, well, I'll let Logan handle the rest of this story!  Hey guys, the story is called "Logan's Way" for a reason.

So I guess I'm telling the story now.

Talk about pressure!

Well I guess we can start here in the front yard. This is our new house. It's pretty nice inside and out.

These are my parents. They're excited about the new house. We tend to move a lot because of my dad's work, but I'm not suppose to talk about that.

My mom is a Star News Anchor and travels sometimes for stories. My dad is an International Super Spy, but I'm not suppose to talk about that.
He spends a lot of his time working in the attic, but I'm not suppose to talk about that.
One thing my dad does love, besides his work, is his guitar. He's always playing it SOMEWHERE!
I have great parents but sometimes they can be very busy with work. I love it when mom takes time to play with me. You never get tired of a good pillow fight!
Last but not least, this is my twin sister Harmony. No one believes us when we say we are twins BUT WE ARE! She's watching t.v. in my parent's room.
This is her watching t.v. in the living room.

That's all she ever does is watch t.v.
Not me I like to play outside. Oh, I have something new to show you!

This is the new chicken coop we got. I hope they don't bite me.

There you go little chickens. I hope it taste good.
Yup I love it here at the new house. There are lots of things to play on.

We even have a treehouse out back to play in!

From here you can see the whole world I think!

Oh boy! I think I see a spaceship! Oh, nevermind its just the neighbors satellite dish.
Looks like dad made spaghetti for dinner. That's my favorite! Dad says it's cus I'm half Italian like him. Whatever the reason I LOVE IT! 

Mom says we have to go to bed after dinner because we have our first day at our new school tomorrow.

Harmony always wants to stay up late and watch her favorite t.v. shows. But when mom puts her foot down she knows NO is NO!
Well this is our new room. I gotta check to make sure there are no monsters under the bed.

Hello under therrrrrre. Come out come out where ever you arrrrrre.
Oh my gosh! I'm outta here!

Well that's it for this entry. It feels nice to start another story with Logan. I hope you'll  come back later for an update.  Thanks for Looking at my pics! (btw this home was created by Sashraf and edited by me)


  1. Oh my gosh. That was so adorable. And theres no better person to tell it than Logan. She lives forever in sims3.

    1. Thanks Vay. I have a very special place in my heart for Logan.

  2. Hi,

    Beyond cute and awesome. Looking forward to more.

    1. Aww, thank you so much. I'm so glad you enjoyed it.

  3. This is so beautiful. Thank you so much for sharing :)