Saturday, April 20, 2013

Logan In The Future

So sorry that I never stay with one story. If you get excited like I do, then you understand why I flip flop between stories. A new lot, a new town, a new set on the sims 3 store is all it takes!  Let's go folks! Time for a new set of stories :-)

Well, like the title says, this is Logan's future...(one of them) (wink)

Here is Logan with her future husband

They live in Monte Vista

Not bad, right!

This mansion has a ballroom

Logan found a pet

Her future husband taking advantage of the views

This is her husband finding a wedding location

Teaching the bird to talk 

Let's hope she has time for pets after a baby

He new poodle Fifi begging for treats

The future sister in-law

Her future husband has two sisters

Getting to know the family

One sister is easier to talk to than the other

The Tea House in downtown Monte Vista

All of the elite sims visit here

Love is in the air

Logan is happy that his sister approves 

It's getting late

Logan may of said the wrong thing


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