Sunday, June 16, 2013

CQ Fashions Clothing Store (seasonal lot)

Hello to all my friends. I have spent the last 4 days creating a clothing store for our sims worlds. I was shocked to find that there were none to download on the exchange. Below you will find pictures of my 30x30 lot that was built in Starlight Shores. It use to be the town gym but now it is a clothing store (salon).
This lot does use some store content. There is no custom content used. There is also a seasonal marker so be sure to visit when the seasons change to get all the new styles :-)   (use of the seasons wall decals, suggest you download first before installing this lot)  they are found here

If you need to edit the lot, there are steps to take due to the use of the seasons marker. You will need to use cheatcodes to access the marker. BE SURE TO CLICK "LOCK COMMON" WHEN DONE EDITING.

I hope you enjoy shopping at your new Clothing Store!

Download Link

Saturday, June 15, 2013

My New House For Today

Well this is my simself for those that don't know already. Life as a sim can be fun, most times. Sometimes, however things don't always go your way.

This is my best friend in the simming world. Her name is Vay. The other greedy munch over there is a simself of my hubby. See, I'm baking a pumpkin pie, but looks like these two would rather eat ice cream and fried bacon.