Sunday, July 28, 2013

Daddy's Little Rich Girl - Alien Abduction (Part 4)

Tatiana Grace is daddy's little rich girl. After her unfortunate burglar experience she decided to get a dog for security. Tatiana and Jake were becoming fast friends!
Jake the husky really seemed comfortable and relaxed whenever Tatiana would paint. His previous owner Leo was also a painter and this gave Jake a sense of familiarity. 
One night though, Tatiana went outside when she should have stayed in the house safe.
She had heard a weird sound outside and went to investigate.
She was shocked when she realized that it was an alien spaceship!
I would swear this alien was actually smiling at the terror that Tatiana was experiencing.

Tatiana was only gone for a few minutes, earth time anyway.
When she returned she had an odd feeling that she had been probed!
Before she could ask any questions the alien had run away!

Poor Tatiana couldn't sleep a wink that night and was ready to fall asleep standing up by the time the sun came up.
Tatiana was so nervous about the abduction that she almost called her father.
After having a strong cup of tea she decided to take control and not go crying to daddy.
Tatiana was not too sure about what she had decided but she knew she wasn't gonna shake this vulnerable feeling if she didn't do something quick!
Finally she got the courage to make the call...
"Hi, Leo!"
"Hmm, its an answering machine."
Tatiana began to leave her message when suddenly Leo picked up the phone.
Leo: "Oh hi Tatiana! Sorry I didn't pick up. I've been screening my calls. Bill collects keep calling like I'm the only person on earth to try and reach." 
Tatiana: "Oh, no problem Leo. I understand. Hey, I have a proposition for you. Maybe we can help each other out..."
Tatiana didn't mention the alien abduction. She didn't want Leo to think she was crazy. Instead she simply used Jake as the excuse. 
It wasn't completely untrue. Jake really did miss his previous owner.
"Guess what Jake! Leo's coming to live with us!"
That's right folks! Tatiana now has a roommate!
Tatiana wasn't gonna go home crying to daddy just yet! She did however feel that having a roommate AND a dog might make her just a little safer :-P
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To be continued...


  1. OMG - That episode was cool. The pic's were great, i felt the terror in my chest when tatiana was being yanked up to the space ship. Love that she has a roommate too. YAY! Im gonna learn how to do this Blogg thing, I just love how you have created yours. (applause)

    1. Oh wow, thanks so much! I am so happy that you are truly enjoying the blog :-D Thank you so much for posting a comment.

  2. What a twist! Yay, Leo moved in. I was hoping he would.

    1. Aww, thanks for looking at my blog and leaving a comment. Still loving my loft home! Taking a little break from Bridgeport so my sim can buy up all the property in Lucky Palms. I tend to bounce around in different worlds when I play, but I most definitely will be updating Tatiana and Leo's story :-)

  3. Poor Tatiana!!! Life in the big city is not easy for her. It is however incredibly exciting and fun for me to watch so I am definitely looking forward to more :) I'm so glad that Leo's moved in too. It will be interesting seeing where there relationship goes :D