Monday, August 19, 2013

My Supernatural Legacy Challenge

My founder  Leo Shakespeare
His name kinda gives you a hint at the kinda guy he is. He's a lover of art. Any art really but his passion is for painting and writing. He was living in Bridgeport until he lost his place and had to move out here in Moonlight Falls. The rent-to-own is cheap and the landlord practically begged him to move in and keep the place up. The landlord said he had to leave town all of a sudden after buying the place, but he didn't say why  

Leo is a vegetarian and will be starting his own garden soon. He is also athletic because he hears athletic plus vegetarian spells longer life. He's also a Dog Person and always has his door open to the next best friend waiting to walk into his life. Leo is naturally gifted with the Artistic trait and spends lots of time painting, when he can afford the paint and supplies One trait he has that I'm not to sure of is he is a bit dramatic  I'm not quite sure how that will affect Leo, but let's hope it doesn't slow him down TOO much  Oh, and his favs are the color Black, Dark Wave music, Mushroom Omelette and he is a Cancer with the Lifetime Wish guessed it! Home Design Hotshot! 

Leo Shakespeare may not be a rich man today, but he has dreams of someday striking it rich, owning the town and living in the biggest mansion in Moonlight Falls! Let's see if he and his descendants can do it before the 10th generation child is born.

He only had $1033 after getting the house. With that he bought a motor bike and a planter for inside the house. He's a vegetarian and wants to grow some tomatoes soon :-)

Leo has just left city hall. He got his first job! He is now a Fabric Fetcher and makes $272/Week working 8AM -6PM Mon-Fri.   Let's hope the sims here are nicer than the sims in Bridgeport when it comes to reviews 8-/

This marks the end of Week 1 Day 1 for Leo Shakespeare. He now has 1 athletic skill, a new job and a motor bike. His bank is $218.

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