Tuesday, September 3, 2013

The DeLeo Family - History

Hello simmers!  For those of you who are unfamiliar to my playing style, I have commitment issues when it comes to TS3. Let me explain. First off I hate to stay in one place too long. There are so many worlds to explore that I am like a kid in a toy store, running from one exciting place to another. Over the years, since the release of TS3 I have played with many sims. I get attached to my sims sometimes and I want to keep them forever. The DeLeo Family is one of my most precious possessions. It was the very first family I ever had in the game. The mother is my simself, which I (with the help of my real life husband) made on the very first day I got the game in 2009. A "simself" is a sim you make in your likeness. This means that my husband and I thought that THIS SIM was a perfect depiction of me, or the closest to it  :-)      The father is my real life husband's simself, and though he thinks it looks nothing like him, I think if he turned into a sim tomorrow he would look exactly like this!    :-)    His sim was also made back in 2009 on the first day I played the game. (Please note that over the years with the addition of new traits, likes and clothes, these sims have had new versions updated in my studio to depicted us better, BUT other than that they are the same sims I have played since 2009.)

In real life my husband and I married with each of us already having a son and daughter each. Luckily they were around the same ages and got along perfectly!  Life was good! In the game however, I only played with my simself and my husband's simself until the game decided to randomly give us fraternal TWINS!  In real life my hubby and I had a miscarriage. I always pictured she would be born with his greenish blue eyes and I had already named her Logan (never knowing if it was a boy or a girl). ANYWAY...when my sim gave birth in the game for the first time I instantly named the girl Logan! I was in love with this little sim baby instantly! She aged up to have my husband's eye color but mostly looked like me and had a mix of our traits (computer whiz like the hubby and excitable like myself).  She was the perfect little girl for the game to give me  :-)    The game however, is notorious for doing strange and funny things. This day was no different. Soon after cooing over the birth of Logan, the game announced the birth of a twin! I was stunned! TWINS! No way, but how!  Keep in mind that this happen back in 2009 when the game was brand new. This was the first time having twins in the game for me. I was super excited, and a little shocked. Anyway, the next shocking thing was that the twin was not an identical twin but rather my husband's look alike. Yes, you heard me right. This baby girl, which we named Harmony (for the company eHarmony) was an exact replica of my husband, if he had been a girl :-)    The funny thing about the whole twins being born, was that Logan looked like me and Harmony looked like my hubby. The most important fact was the eye coloring. Logan got the green eyes I wanted so badly and Harmony got my dark brown eyes. So strange and wonderful all at the same time.  Well, to wrap things up, I have kept this family since 2009 because I simply cannot ever see not having them around. To me, they ARE TS3.

Below are just a few pics of my sim family.

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