Friday, September 6, 2013

The DeLeo Family - A Regular Fall Day

Today was a regular day. It was fall outside, but warm and cozy in my new master bathroom.
 Logan was happy to finally get her new Apple computer.
 I had walls torn down to have a kitchen a chef would die for!
 I mastered the cooking skill using my tablet. There are many dishes I don't know how to make.
 But that is the fun of cooking!
 I had to laugh when Harmony walked passed while I was cooking. LOL
 "Oh yeah! I'm good."
 Harmony loves the fall season because she can play in the leaves while her dad does the yard work :-)
 Logan would much rather chat online.

 Everyone in this house has mastered all that you can learn from the tablet. Now we just read books and play social games on it.
 Isn't my hubby cute!
 I got a call from the news station that I would need to get a fall wardrobe for work.
 It was nice for me that I also get to have a few things for my personal use as well :-P
 How do yo like my new Fall look :-)
 The hubby is upstairs remembering his college days.
 While remodeling the house we made the guest room Paul's little "man-cave".

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