Tuesday, September 10, 2013

The DeLeo Family - Illegal Gambling

This, my friends, is where Twinbrook goes to have a little fun.  Twinbrook is little behind the times and sometimes seems to be back in the dark ages, I like to say; Its not meant as a compliment, as I am sure you could sense  Well, anyway, there are a few sims in town that find gambling interesting, even rewarding. But you better make good on the simoleons that you lose or you will surely find yourself face to face with the REAL Kingpin  

Even after losing $12,000 they still find time to show love to each other  
Just having a little fun folks! Now everybody better run before cops get here!  

Back at the house, Snowball was getting some much need attention from the girls  

I really love this house. Too bad we may have to leave it soon  I guess I better go back and explain... 

A few days had passed after our little "gambling night". Everything seemed normal. Then we decided to go to the winter festival. THAT's when it happen! 

Harmony noticed it first. But she didn't say anything to us about it.
Oh, and I should mention that the hubby was not at the festival with me and the girls. He was busy trying to master his karate skills. 

Being an International Super Spy, he has to be very well trained in EVERYTHING, especially martial arts 

Anyway, like I said things seemed normal. After the winter festival I dropped the girls off at the house and went to my dance class like any other day. It was what happen next that was scary  

After my dance class I showered and headed over to the coffee shop. Nothing out of the ordinary. It was my normal routine. As I was ordering my coffee I caught part of a comment coming from a gentleman behind me. "Won't have ta deal wit these lines fa much longer. The Kingpin's got HER number."   

Sims around town were talking about us behind our backs. Apparently the lead gangster in town had heard about our $12,000 loss at that "underground" gambling event and now WE were on his radar! I got my coffee and got out of there real quick. Seems that my deoderant had stopped working due to the sudden stress  
The husband and I live kind of a "high profile" life. I'm a Star News Reporter and everyone knows my face. My husband, on the other hand, is an International Super Spy. Its important that sims just think he's "just some rich guy", and stay focused on me. If his true job is ever revealed it could put him AND our family in danger. 

Looks like we may be leaving Twinbrook for a while. I'm gonna miss my beautiful home  

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