Thursday, September 5, 2013

The DeLeo Family - Snowball The Cat

When I moved into the new house in Twinbrook I decided to do some remodeling. Its my favorite part of the game :-)   Here are some pics of the Living room. I still have a lot more to do. Don't mind the hubby. He's just showing some school spirit :-)

 I decided to turn the upstairs hall area into my hobby space :-)

 That's not a real mouse on the floor, but it did prompt me to get a cat.
 This old house was sure to get mice in the winter time.
 In real life I don't get along with cats too well.
 Looks like I don't get along with them in the game either :-P

 Funny that the cat was not very approachable on the initial meeting. She was nicer the 2nd time around.
 Snowball, that's her name, is lazy, neat and non destructive. At least that's what they told me :-/
 "This is only a test bubby."
 The hubby loves cats. I'm sure they will get along splendidly.

 Looks like Snowball has found the food dish :-)

 Maybe we WILL get along...time will tell.

 I totally forgot that I added tons of fun things to the school. Now the girls never come straight home.

 Across the street at the community garden there are also new store items. Its fun place to visit now :-)
 Lucky for the girls that the house is very close to the school. We're across the bridge, on the "old money" side of town  :-)
 This is Logan if you have forgotten. She's my favorite.
 Looks like the girls haven't the new cat.
  Aww, poor Snowball looks upset at the lack of attention. "I'm sure they will notice you at some point."
Thanks for visiting my blog.
To be continued...

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